The age old question of should we or shouldn’t we use a professional to find staff for our business? As the sign above states I would suggest the answer to this question should be very easy to answer.

Most business owners or managers I see undervalue their time, and trust me, when you are looking for the best candidates to join your business; this can take time & cost you money.

As a result, they spend their time doing tasks and jobs that are not worthy of their hourly value. I suggest that every owner’s or managers time is worth AT LEAST $150- $200 an hour. That’s right! You carry the risk, you carry the responsibility, you create the jobs, your own the organization. Maybe your time is worth $300 or $400 an hour (or more!)

The problem is that business owners & managers of companies end up spending so much of their time doing $8- $10 (hypothetical figures) an hour tasks that they can’t do the REAL work of LEADERSHIP and STRATEGIC PLANNING!

If you want to grow your business and take it to the next level, you as the owner or managers MUST elevate your mindset! You must spend your time doing those things that ONLY YOU can do! Do those things that are truly worth $200+ an hour. It all begins with your MINDSET! So, what is your time worth?

So paying a professional fee could be the difference in costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars with employing an amateur, just because you wanted to save a few dollars up front..

Keep calm & carry on doing what you do best… Let the professional’s weed out the amateurs & deliver the rest.

Travis Wentriro – Manager