Executive Recruitment

  The recruitment of Senior Management Staff requires a specialist approach.

Strong partnerships are key when it comes to ensuring you find the best possible senior management staff candidates to suit your recruitment requirements. That’s why we work closely with you, our clients, throughout the entire recruitment process.

Some of the ways in which we help you find the right fit are:

  • Identifying the required key competencies
  • Developing a strategic advertising strategy for the position
  • Formulating a focussed executive search strategy
  • Crafting an effective interview script to identify the key competencies in candidates
  • Assembling an appropriate interview panel
  • Compiling detailed candidate reports
  • Conducting thorough behavioural interviews

Our extensive knowledge of and experience in recruiting for the Construction and Engineering industry combined with the expertise of our Executive Search and Selection team, has resulted in our sound track record of successfully filling high-profile executive positions including:

  • General manager (Commercial / Construction)
  • Construction Manager (Civil Construction)
  • State Manager (Engineering Consultancy)
  • Engineering Manager (Major Infrastructure)
  • Branch Manager (Commercial Construction)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Local Council)
  • Project Director ($1B+ infrastructure project)

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