With so many strong candidates in the market it’s important you not only present well on interview but that you can also provide a strong list of former Manager’s to whom you reported  on a daily basis. This could be your point of difference in helping you secure the job.

Important information to remember when organising references:

  • Choose a Manager you reported directly to or a client that regularly employed your services and not a Colleague
  • Keep in regular contact with your references and always let them know when you are going for a new role and when they can expect a call
  • Try and choose references that are most relevant to the role you are applying for
  • Make sure all the information you have for your references is up to date, including an email address.
  • Always request your reference call you after he/she performs the reference – this will enable you to  gain accurate feedback on how it went.
  • Never choose a company where you left on bad terms regardless of your relationship with your chosen reference

Follow these rules religiously and none of your time spent prepping for interviews will be a waste .

Glen Hodgens – Recruitment Consultant