It is rare to find someone in the Brisbane market who has been in the same job for the past 5 or even 10 years, but when they find themselves in a job hunting position, the most stressful part of the initial process is “I need to update my CV!”

Is it really necessary to keep your CV up to date?  Why would you bother if you are in a job that offers variety and challenges and you see yourself being in that job for the long term? In today’s market there are no guarantees.  I have met with many individuals over the past 18 months that have been with companies for 5, 7 and even 12 years and unfortunately, due to the economic climate have been made redundant.

The best advice is to keep your CV up to date as it can be very beneficial and stress free in the long run.  I don’t mean you have to update it every single time something changes in your role, but certainly updating it when you have a positional promotion; your responsibilities change significantly, when you are working on a new project or when you win a new client.  It will make your life much easier if (or when) the situation arises that you need to search for a new job.

What MUST you outline in a CV to increase your chances of success to secure an interview?

  • Contact details – don’t include your date of birth though!
  • Company details – include their website as well as the person you reported to and how long you were employed (months and years would be ideal).
  • Roles and Responsibilities – your title, what you did in your role, what you were responsible for and who reported to you.
  • Accomplishments – Projects you worked on, how you contributed to improving the financial bottom line, companies and clients you liaise with and whatever else might be relevant that showcases your experience and skills.
  • References – List relevant references that can be contacted  & will give you a GLOWING reference (be sure to let them know you have put them on your CV, and make sure that they are in roles that you reported to and have a brief understanding of the role you are applying for)

I want to leave with you the importance of keeping your CV up to date and current. If you are in the unfortunate position of being made redundant or want to make an urgent change – you have set yourself up to succeed as you are prepared and can act quickly.

Jess Mitchell – Manager – Contec Recruitment