Perhaps the most important part of my job is not only finding work for my Candidates but ensuring each candidate is ready when it comes to the interview stage.

Here are a few key points to check off to ensure success.

Do your homework

  • Make sure you study the company’s website identifying the areas of similarity to your experience to prepare your case as to why you a right for the job.
  • Use LinkedIn to learn about the team you will be joining especially the Manager’s of whom you may be reporting to on a daily basis. You may mention their background in closing questions Eg. Asking them what they like about their current company compared to one of their past roles. This will make them feel good about themselves and impressed by how prepared you are.

 Dress appropriately for the job you are going for

  • If you are going for a trades role you will most probably be meeting with a PM or above who will be wearing a collared shirt, smart casual pants and usually leather shoes or work boots. You don’t have to wear work boots unless you are meeting them on site but wearing a 3 piece won’t be necessary and Smart casual much like the interviewer is perfect.
  • If you role is office based, sales or senior, white collar corporate, you should always wear a suit.
  • Always brings a compendium with 2 pens (In case one runs out) to jot down notes as you are being interviewed.

Have a good list of Questions, beginning with the role, then their business, a couple about themselves and then Close.

  • The Role: 5 or more questions regarding the role that the recruiter or their advertisement doesn’t cover off on.
  • The Company: Whilst doing your homework on the company, start writing questions you would like to ask them regarding their business. Eg. How many staff? / Did the downturns affect them and what changes did they make if so? /
  • The Interviewers: The aforementioned question regarding their likes about the company against their past employer is a great one. If you can’t find any info on LinkedIn or through connections just ask them how long they have worked with the company and what they like most about working for them. This will mean the interviewer will finish the interview on a positive note as they will begin selling the company to you.
  • Close: Ask them what the next step is. Eg. Thanks a lot for your time. I really like the sound of (check the positive areas you have noted and read back) and feel this would be a good move for my career so what is the next step after today’s interview? THEN SHUT UP!!!

Glen Hodgens – Consultant