CV Fraud

In Australia we have seen some highly publicised cases of resume fraud, which have in some cases lead to legal action. An example of this is the Andrew Flanagan case with Myer.It is sometimes more prevalent than you think and can often take the form of smaller false representations in one’s resume that may over-state or exaggerate a candidates experience, skill level, or qualifications.

Employers can undertake some basic steps to reduce the chance of a candidate misrepresenting themselves by undertaking some simple little tips when undertaking referencing and screening.


· Cross check a referee’s credentials on linked In

· Contact the referee via the reception at the company to confirm they are employed there and check cross check their mobile number with receptionist

· Check at least 3 of the last employers and verify referee’s identity

· Clarify role and level of responsibility with referee


· Ask to examine original academic transcripts and degrees

These may seem like obvious undertakings but you will be surprised by how many verbal references taken over the phone, could be a fake reference given by an associate. Take the time and give yourself the peace of mind by first actually undertaking references and confirming who you are actually talking to when calling.