A primitive track stretching 96km through the dense jungle of Papua New Guinea. Facing hot and humid days or torrential downpours it is a tough slog across wild and rugged terrain that won’t just test you, it’ll change you.

In August 2014, the Youngcare Kokoda Trek will honour the sacrifice of those young Australians, by walking in their footsteps on behalf of thousands of young people who are struggling today. Over 7,000 young Australians with high needs are living in aged care facilities, simply because there is little alternative – and we need you to stand up to this injustice.

The Kokoda Track holds a significant place in Australia’s history and has undoubtedly changed thousands of lives. In July of 1942 the young Australian militia – untrained, unproven and hopelessly outnumbered – stood against the battle-hardened Japanese army in defence of our country. Their legacy is etched across that track.

By taking on the challenge of the Kokoda Trek, you will push yourself to your absolute limits, make life-long mates, and give hope and independence to young people who have been battling debilitating health issues while living in inappropriate accommodation. 

Support this great cause and make a change in someones life today!!